Path to carbon neutral

Media tells us that a carbon neutral world is where we eat worms and pay taxes on plastic bags. It is not true. This is how a carbon neutral Earth can look like. There are many other paths, but this is one. This is my best bet path. The easiest.

The elephant in the room

We need to change our mindset.

• Everyone can't work, we are too many
• Work should not be our religion
• Short distance total travel time is less with trains than airplanes.
• Removing meat from a meat dish, is not a vegetable dish.
• We have found more oil and gas than we can use, so we don't need to stop the oil companies from wasting more money
• We can't have all these roads, it has a big impact on climate

What we need to invent

• Pod transport(Horizontal elevators), our roller coaster engineers know how
• High voltage cable without any resistance so we can transfer power from day side to night side of planet
• Automatic europal transport system on water
• Automatic europal transport system in cities
• Automatic europal transport rail system
• Automatic transport system for goods and trash in everyones homes
• Better flywheels to store energy
• Grow drink and food containers, use plants to grow them, ballon inside when growing
• Thorium power plant, let us do anything to isotope uranium-233, we need the energy inside
• Replace wheels on rails with airpressure or magnetic
• Autonomous saling goods transport for long distance transport
• Brute force best blade design for every hydro plant, one pixel at the time
• Brute force best air plane design, one pixel at the time
• Brute force best horizontal wind mill design, one pixel at the time
• Brute force best vertical wind mill design, one pixel at the time
• Catch energy from landing air planes
• Our smart should help our producers of Salmon with the production problems
• Dryers that don't tear textiles apart
• ISO standard bike/electric transport lock/charging

The path

• Build deep well battery to store energy from renewables, just something thats floats up, km deep
• Install auto off AC/heaters when window or doors are open
• Cheap government cafes and restaurants to retrain population for CO2 friendly eating habbits
• Exchange heat/cold with oceans and rivers for AC
• Collect rainwater in cities where they make fresh water from ocean water
• Isolate every building.(TEK10)
• Regulate traffic lights by algorithms with the goal to save energy
• Reduce population with good pensions systems.
• Better sick leaves, to reduce number of work hours in population
• Make CO2 friendly travel awesome, not a waste of time
• 3 bins, back to nature, whatever, recycling compatible(form + size = material)
• Use aluminium for all food and drink containers
• Law: Illegal to make dirty aluminium containers so they can't be recycled, use thin plastic film to protect aluminium
• Law: All aluminium must be recycled
• Use flywheels as energy on all short distance ferries
• Push air planes into the air with electric power or flywheels
• Put solar on high montains, vertical where it is snow
• Upgrade all renewables power plants to best design, we know how with brute force
• Big sticker on washing machine soap with most efficient temperature
• Change washing machines to 2 settings, degrees and dirty level
• Spend more time with family and friends, reduce workning hours
• Boost production and eat more salmon
• Eat more chicken
• Install basin mixers in every house
• Collect rain water for toilets
• Replace every too much water toilets
• Replace all broken fresh water pipes
• Law: Ban all goods that are below minimum quality
• Make it cheaper to live good in cities than in houses
• Make all freezers and refrigerators so they cool with outside air

What we should try at least once, to figure out the answer

• Basic income for everyone in an country for a life time including the rich
• Split democratic system into long term and short term
• Any voting system
• Food courts with awesome food for everyone in an city

Decisions we should make

• Should we put toxic waste into containers ready to lift up into space in the future?
• Should we put toxic waste into planet mantle? Drill down like we do when we find oil, but not all the way down. The tectonic plates can finish the job.

Minimum knowledge after school

• For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction
• How to sort trash(look in a public bin, people have no clue)
• Moisture and mold in houses, so we can isolate homes
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