Step by step guide to carbon neutral

Earth can at current CO2 rate and growth only support about 1/3 of the total population. But varies a lot with who.

Step by step

  1. Law: Limit how much a bitcoin protocol is allow to use of power. (Look, it is easy to do right and expand time window!)
  2. Law: Max 1 trip with planes per person per year, as far as you want to travel
  3. Do not turn off oil and gas. Switch tech.
  4. Build at least one brute force university and figure out the test tree.
  5. Turn off street lights that don't need to be on. Use phones to turn on lights when you are close if you need light or figure out the time window when people need light.
  6. Computers in all car that can tell where the car needs light and so the system can plan so the cars don't need to stop.
  7. Remove all roads that are not in use or low usage roads. They heat the planet.
  8. Figure out correct size of walkway(width).
  9. Put solar parks on top of roads.
  10. Make roof tops reflective.
  11. Law: All professional solar must use solar trackers
  12. This is just a joke!
  13. We can just follow the energy from production to end. It is so easy. But we don't. On my gas fireplace it says HOT! on the outside of my building. I should be jailed.
  14. Match power bill with house size and you figure out a ranked list to isolate first.
  15. Cities are big engines for money. Measure it. City vs. not. Figure out how to start the economy in a city.
  16. Measure temp/energy usage white roof/reflective. What happen if you do this in an area?
  17. What will happen if you spray salt water vs. fresh water into the air? Earth need tools to adjust temperature.
  18. They who run ships and captains need to see the number speed vs cost. Almost everyone running at random speed.
  19. Some build cities where everything like roads are below ground. Grass and forest between buildings. Maybe try one city? So bike and walk in green landscape, fast transport underground.
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